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updated 18 Dec 2018


Informal and friendly - the Braes O' Fife Mountaineering Club  has now been welcoming mountain-goers for over 40 years.

The club's main activities centre on our weekend meets. We hold around 12 each year, mostly to club huts (typical accommodation cost 12 per night). We also hold a few day meets.

Although originally a mountaineering club, members undertake a variety of activities. These range from hill walking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, hill running, sea kayaking, sailing, to playing the guitar & mandolin. Everyone's welcome !

Most members leave on Friday evening, spend Saturday and Sunday on the hill, returning on Sunday evening.   If you want to attend just book your place and organise transport at the Harbour Bar on the Monday evening (9.30pm) before or contact the Meets Secretary. If you are social media savvy, you can join our Facebook page, and post about meets. Here's the link. Or follow our Twitter page, here.

Throughout the year other distractions include slide presentations, visits to climbing walls, evening rock-climbing sessions and a mountain trivia quiz.  The news page has details.

Mountaineering Council Of Scotland

Club membership includes membership of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland. Benefits include access to huts (including those listed in England and Wales by the British Mountaineering Council), courses in first-aid and winter skills, and third party and person-to-person liability insurance.

Members are also eligible to use the services provided by the BMC including holiday insurance and reciprocal rights cards for Alpine Huts.


Prospective members are asked to come on two weekend meets as guests before being invited to join as a full member.  Annual subscription for Adults is 30. Junior Members (aged 13 to 17) pay 15. Child Members (aged 12 or below) pay 10. The club welcomes young members but seeks parental approval before accepting members under 18.

Facebook Group

We also have a Facebook group (Braes o'Fife Mountaineering Club) where members share photos, video and general chat, see here.