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updated 18 Dec 2018

Even Older Meet Reports 

To remind you of those halcyon days and all the adventures club members have had. Some intentional, some less so ...


17th December 2005 - Blackrock

This year's Blackrock failed to surpass last year's record, with all club members in bed before 9am. Nonetheless, much merriment, song and alcohol was had by one and all. Saturday was a great day, with Bidian Nam Bian, Criese, and some hills at Glen Finnan all receiving ascents. That's good weather for 2 years running now. However, with all the hill walking out of the way, the remaining folks turned up & the real business started. The presidential tankard was handed over from Dan to Neil. Thanks are due to Dan for all his efforts & good luck to Neil.



We were honoured to have several former presidents in attendance, who showed the young folks a thing or two about how to party. See picture.

Inevitably, Sunday was rather less active. A few hardy soles braved the wind & rain for low level walks, Dave Mitchell went up Curved Ridge. Others nursed hangovers.



Following a request from our new president, here is the evidence of the perks available to the holder of the tankard. Is there a safe hiding place anywhere for our laydee members ? Probably, once the whisky wears off ...





2nd December 2005 - Glen Clova

Robert McMurray, Colin McGregor, Monica Dean, Gregor Macadam, John Kay, Ronnie Strachan and Neil ‘Old Man’ Reid attended the meet at the Carn Dearg hut, Glen Clova. The weather wasn’t great but a good meet was had by all with folks out on the hills both days and up late on both of the nights!

Saturday saw John Kay heading up Dreish and Mayar, whilst the rest of us headed up to bag Ben ‘Neil’ Reid whilst taking in the tops of Green Hill and Boustie Leigh (?) along the way .

On Sunday John headed up our hills of Saturday, whilst Neil walked up Glen Doll and Robert and Colin bagged Dreish, descending by the steep ‘Scorrie’ path. Apparently some folks didn ’t even feel like leaving the hut!

As with the last couple of years, some of us made it along to the folk night at the Clova Hotel on Saturday. This is on the first Saturday of each month and the meets are always coordinated to ‘clash’ with this event, thus giving the excuse to go to the pub, stay inevitably late and listen to traditional Scottish folk music. Excellent stuff! Thanks should go to John (again) for doing the designated driver bit.

Everyone is always in agreement that it is a great hut and taking in the folk night, always makes for a memorable weekend at not too great a distance from home. See u all there next year.



18th April 2005

A cairn too far ?   BoF members climbing  Carn Ban Mor discover their goal named in stone.  According to Butterfield this Munro is an 'indeterminate top crowned by a squat cairn, the largest of several confusing piles scattered about the undulations of an extensive plateau.  In mist only diligent map and compass work will help identify the correct cairn'.  Confusion no more !!!!!

21st December 2004

Another Black Rock meet.......

It's been and gone in a haze of wine, whisky and beer with what's probably a record set by certain nameless club members who finally managed to get to their beds at 9am.  Well done to all and well done to all who managed to bag some great summits on what was a terrific weekend for weather.  Temperatures of minus 10 were 'enjoyed' by all those who bivi'd or camped.  Photo's will hopefully follow soon........once they've been passed by our sensors. (sounds a bit painful)

11th November 2003

Pictured on this year's Lagangarbh meet - just who are the hunky climbers on top of Crowberry Tower ?  

18th July 2003

Last weekend's get together at Strawberry Cottage was not without incident giving us a choice of nicknames for Lorna.  Saturday morning she was so busy packing her sack that she didn't hear the rest of us depart and we all thought she'd beaten us out the door.  Imagine her dismay when she tried to get out of the front door only to find herself locked-in.  Then on Sunday on the ride out on-board Maida's bike she burnt off a very sporty trio on very expensive machines.  So what's it to be - Lock in Lorna or Demon Duncan ?  Answers to the chat-room.

reconstruction - Lorna leaves by the fire-escape.  

Also Maida and Linda made it to the top of their first Munro - Mam Sodhail.  Well done to them both and we sincerely hope we haven't put them off.

26th June 2003

A fine evening's cragging was had last night by Colin, Ken, Keith, Andrea and Rab.  It was a night of firsts at Limekilns (Ssssssshhhhhh).  Andrea climbed her first HVS, Colin soloed his first E1 and not only did Ken lead his first VS but he omitted to put Andrea's rope through his belay plate and then had rather impatient thoughts when Andrea seemed to be just loafing about at the bottom.  In his defence he was holding the rope very tight when he finally realised what the problem was.  We last saw Ken disappearing into the gathering dusk aboard his 'Mid-life Crisis' better known as something like a Honda Fireblade, Bandit or Thruster ( we can't remember exactly what ) contemplating all things to do with belays.

20th June 2003

The recent Smiddy meet saw teams heading for the Fannichs and of course An Teallach.  Sunday was spent sampling the delights of steep rock of Jetty Crag at Gruinard

12th May 2003

Spring has sprung & the rock boots are crippling

The past two weekends have seen the rekindling of desire to scrape knuckles against Scottish rock with forays to Huntley's Cave on the Milehouse meet and again this weekend at Upper Cave Crag, Dunkeld and it's here that Collin thinks he's done a new route.  We're all waiting for confirmation as to if it's just an oversight of the guidebook writers not to include this spanking VS 5a line.  If indeed Collin is the first to bag the route then the 2nd and 3rd ascensionists are waiting to hear Collin's choice of route name.  With inspiration being drawn from the non-too-subtle lyrics of Death Metal songs (did I say songs ?) who knows what the climbing world will end up with.  We could be heading for "Vagi*******al skin addict" creditied to C. McGregor and ANON  & ANON (embarrassed).  Also, Ken continues to acquire leader-scars after losing skin and dribbling blood on the more knarly sections of routes.  Oh happy cragging.

  Huntley's Cave - Double Overhang

This year's sailing meet went well with no 'Sickies' which can only mean that the Braes O' Fife are slowly gaining their sea-legs.  Does this mean a slightly more wobbly performance back on the rock ?  Answers to the Chatroom.

25th March 2003
Don't forget the club's curry-fest this coming Friday - 28th at 7.30pm.  Give Colin a call on 01592 560641 to book your bib at Am Ritza, if that's how its spelt (just down the High St in Kirkcaldy from the old Odeon cinema).  Black ties and party frocks are optional.

Is anyone missing a pair of boots ?  Or did one of the club members leave some poor member of the public hopping mad ?  Any takers  - contact Neil Reid.

4th February 2003
Never ones to miss an opportunity Lucy and Ken set off up the A9 for Drummochter with the promise of some fine ski-touring.  Just what they wanted - lots of snow greeted them on the journey north.  Fortunately, the authorities were taking a 'no-chances' approach.  Unfortunately, the day-glow jacketed convoy leader never asked where it was people wanted to go.  So, Drummochter came and went.  Bumper to bumper driving meant that turning round was impossible.  Did they end up ski-touring Aviemore high street or are they still stuck in the convoy rounding Dunnet Head ?  Who knows......

Also, not to be outdone, Ronnie turned up at the pub on Monday sporting a John Kay style wrist protection device.  Nothing to do with skiing in Balbirnie park at midnight -  Ronnie picked a fight with a chain saw while halfway up a tree.  Apparently the music on offer in the operating theatre was Eva Cassidy so, rather than having to resist the urge to slit his wrists as well, he listened to the surgeon's sharp intakes of breath through gritted teeth.  Hopefully the marrow attached to his wrist will assume more natural proportions soon.

14th January 2003
The past week has seen a huge amount of action by club members and even some unexpected horrors.  Last Thursday Big Dave and Keith were back in Corrie Fee, Glen Clova for a superb outing on Look C Gully coupled with B Gully Chimney.  Eight pitches of pure ice with the finale of the last pitch providing some excellent sport (the left hand finish was taken and not the right as pictured in the guide book).

Dave Mitchell on Look C Gully (click to view larger version)

At the Clashgour meet Ken and Lucy put in an excellent performance on Salamander Gully with Collin, Neil and Robert chomping at their heels (guess which ones were out of bed first).  Keith and Andrea made an ascent of Stob Garbhar in the Blackmount.  Big Dave and Alastair were in action on some steep ice on Aonach Mor and witnessed much calling of 'Snug, SNUG' from one Rab Anderson on the next route (alleged).  Lucy won the 'Quote of the meet' prize with her philosophical thought that 'You can never appreciate your own reflectiveness'.  It's amazing what effect trendy trainers can have on the mind.

Big John, cultured as ever, was on for an outing to the theatre.  However, after the final curtain, withdrawal symptoms kicked in and John decided to go skiing.  The time was midnight.  The ski-slope was in Balbirnie Park.  Unfortunately John caught an edge and took a tumble with one of his skis careering off into the night.  Shortly after, John was found poking around in the bushes on a mission of retrieval before heading to casualty to have his wrist put in plaster.  Nocturnal visitors to Balbirnie Park beware !

6th January 2003
The New Year is off to a flying start.  With much snow to be wallowed in around the Cairngorms a team of five headed for a perfect winter Saturday in Glen Clova.  Colin, Neil and Ronnie tackled a 'mixed'   AB Intermediate - II/III   while Keith and Ken headed for the waterfall at the back of Corrie Fee - a sporty little number.

Ken on ice.

On Sunday Dave Mitchell and Alastair Todd in an attempt to get their climbing heads together went for  The Seam - IV 4  in the Northern Corries before their Norwegian Ice Trip.