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updated 18 Dec 2018

20th January 2012 - The Cabin, Balgowan

Burns Supper Meet

Robert Burns. Scottish legend, master of the Scot's tongue, a hit with the ladies, liked a wee drink now and again and all round good bloke. Uncannily similar qualities with myself come to think of it but no need to go into that further......And so the annual Braes o' Fife Burn's Supper comes round again. This time it was to be held at The Cabin, which is a relatively new hut situated between Laggan and Newtonmore and owned by the JMCS.

A point of note for this meet report is that it's, well, short! Basically the weather was forecasted to be horrendous on Saturday (and so it was) with only a very slight improvement for the Sunday. Despite this, myself (Colin), Robert, Dave, Lucy, Gav, Susan, Paul, Matt, Anne, Mary, Calum, Fiona and Lorna made the trip up north. We woke on Saturday morning to the aforementioned strong winds and pondered on the possibilities for the day. Myself and Rab's original intentions were to go climbing but this seemed less and less likely but we headed up Cairngorm way with the possibility of checking out a newly developed crag but on arrival at the Coire na Ciste car park it was obvious that climbing just wasn't an option. It was proper wild ! The sight of young climbing superstar, Greg Boswell, at the car park, also deciding not to climb did make us feel a wee bit better though. Dave, Lucy, Gav, Paul and Susan were also heading to the car park to attempt to skin up a thin ribbon of snow but were similarly put off by the weather!

Anne, Mary and Lorna had headed off to climb various hills but were defeated by the wind and sensibly turned back. Myself and Rab had a Plan B though and headed back down the A9 to attempt to climb The Farra which is a high Corbett above Dalwhinnie. We reckoned this hill would 'probably' be ok as it's a short day (3 hours car to car) and has straightforward navigation to the top. We successfully climbed it but it was incredibly hard going at times!

Everybody was glad to get back to the hut and warmth and to start the evening's celebrations! Rab duly piped in the haggis and Matt did a fine job of addressing the haggis and Anne did a fantastic toast to the Laddies. Unforunately the Laddies were unprepared and none of us had a toast for the Ladies. Shame on us! A great evening was had by all and the meal was exceptional. Well done to all involved in the preperation!

Sunday morning dawned not too bad although the occasional bands of sleet and snow being blown past the windows were enough to put some folk off from doing anything. Lorna was undeterred though and headed off to climb the Corbett that she had attempted on Saturday (or so we thought). Myself and Rab decided to walk up another convenient Corbett just off the A9, called Meall na Leitreach. The sun was actually out for the most part and although there was quite a strong wind it was a very pleasant day out. On the top we met Lorna who had decided against her original Corbett and fancied something on the way home too.

Hopefully next years Burn's Supper meet will be blessed with better weather but as was the case this year, a good time is always had regardless!

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