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updated 18 Dec 2018

21st Jan 2011 - Inver Croft, Achnasheen (Burn's Supper)

After last year's successful Burn's Supper, we thought it was a good idea to try again. Who knows, it might even become a tradition ? I wonder if anyone has thought of it before ? Various folks were sent out on haggis / tatties / neeps collection duties. There was also a bit of whisky at the meet, although I don't think anyone was actually tasked with bringing that. Nice to see club members showing some initiative.

It's been a few year's since the club has been to Inver Croft, and folk were very impressed with the new fireplace. A hut's not a hut without an open fire. Less impressive was the presence of a plumbing related working party from the Jacobites. One of the toilets had broken during the big freeze, and the cisterns weren't working. They were confident they'd get it fixed though.

On Friday night, we showed them how a real climbing club behaves. Drinking and blethering till all hours is the only way to prepare for mountaineering. 

Saturday was an OK day, considering it's January. The cloud was off the tops of the hills, no wind, perhaps a little mild though. After a bizarre synchronised awakening, and a lot of faffing, eveyone had to decide what to do. Robert & Graeme intended to try a'Cioch on Beinn Bhan, but the lack of ice changed their minds. They walked up Ben Damh instead. Dave, Lucy, Fiona, Brendan & Terry headed off on a bagging mission to Beinn Liath Mhor. They originally intended to carry on and include Sgurr Ruadh, but the late start meant that wasn't going to happen. Calum was recuperating and wanted an easy day, so went up Carn Mhartuin, the lump behind the hut. Ronnie eschewed mountains completely, and took his kayak out on Loch Maree. Ken & Colin set off for Deep South Gully, Beinn Alligin. Low down the route was "a bit broken". In the middle it was "a bit wet". But at the top it was OK. Ken even managed to find a bit of neve. It's a fine route, worth a visit when it's got a bit more snow on it.

Back at the hut, everyone was pleased that the Jacobite plumbers had managed to get the toilets working. Less so, when the overflow pipe in one of them started overflowing unpleasant stuff on the floor. After several attempts, Dave managed to fix it properly with duct tape. Which proves, if you can't fix it with duct tape, it's just broken !

The food was prepared & then piped in by Robert. Calum gave a fine address to the haggis. And we all dug in. Excellent food, many thanks to those to supplied it, and complements to the chefs. We didn't finish all the potatoes that had been peeled, but got through everything else. Then the whisky started coming out, and the music started. As usual, it all started to get blurry. I'm pretty sure we forgot to sing Auld Langs Syne again. Perhaps next year !

We slept through the magnitude 3.5 earthquake that rocked the western highlands early on Sunday morning. Mercifully, the hut survived intact. I feel sure that we would have got the blame for any damage.

As usual Sunday was less active. Some folk headed back down the road with a variety of unfulfilled intentions. Fiona & Ken went up Fionn Bheinn. Robert & Graeme climbed Meall a'Ghiubhais, a Corbett next to Beinn Eighe. The peak being a boulder filled slog, but a nice walk in.

All in all, another fine weekend. Thanks again to the organisers.

And for the record, no-one heard the ghost of the wood-cutter ...


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